Baseline Farmers Market

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Brand Development • Website Design

I’ve always loved walking through farmers markets. There is something magical about being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and who really care about the products they are selling to their community. I love knowing that I am buying a vegetable from someone who watched it turn from a tiny seed to a delicious addition to my plate. It makes me feel connected and optimistic that there are people taking the time to reconnect to our local economy.

In the summer of 2017, I was approached by Patricia at Lifestyle Communications to collaborate and help two local farmers market with their branding and communications. To say the least, I was ecstatic and eager to get started on the project.

Baseline Farmers Market is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta and has been in operation since the spring of 2000, when market founders, Kyla and Gary, recognized a need for an outdoor market in Sherwood Park. With over 80 vendors during the busy summer months, the market is a bustling hub for anyone looking to purchase local goods.

As is typical with a lot of farmers markets in Alberta, a consistent visual brand identity had never been developed. When it came time to designing, the only requirement I had from Gary and Kyla was to include an image of a cob of corn as this element had been utilized in the past. I knew from the beginning of this project that I wanted to go with a vintage look because to me, farmers markets are a symbol of the food culture we used to have. 100 years ago, we still had a strong connection to where our food came from, whether we were growing it ourselves or getting it from someone we knew. This style, for me, is reminiscent of that time.




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