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Social Media Content Calendar - Free Download

One of the biggest obstacles I find with owning a business is having to manage all facets of my operations. In between doing work for my clients, I have to find time to do my bookkeeping, make sure my website is being updated with new content, and market my services. There have been weeks when I haven’t been able to get everything done and there have been weeks when I have. I find the difference between checking everything off my to do list or not comes down to how much I have planned for the week.

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Free Calligraphy-Inspired Fonts

It’s hard not to notice that there is a calligraphy frenzy going on right now. From wedding invitations and inspirational quotes to posters and logos, calligraphy designs are showing up in many places. And it’s easy to why – calligraphy is a beautiful type of design. When done correctly, the whimsical form of the letters allows the readers eye to flow effortlessly across words and sentences.

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