Hayworth Equipment Sales in a heavy truck and trailer dealership located in the Acheson Industrial Area, just west of Edmonton, Alberta. They provide a number of services including new and used truck and trailer sales, a full parts and service centre, trailer rentals, financing, and a staff of professional and skilled individuals.

Services provided:

Design Services // Marketing Services // Social Media Management // Website Management // Blog Management // Photography

Design & Photography Services

Over the years of working with Hayworth Equipment Sales, I have designed a large number of items including business cards, flyers, brochures, signage (banners, billboards), tradeshow displays, coupons, digital banner ads, branded social media imagery, website banners, and posters.

My design philosophy with Hayworth has always been to keep the visual look bright and clean to distinguish from their competitors who tend to revert to dark colors.

By working with a dealership selling to industries like forestry, construction, oilfield, and transportation, I have come to appreciate the role high quality photos play in selling products and services. It was a priority right from the beginning to gather a large inventory of photos on their lineup of commercial trailers and have these available offline and online.

Website Services

In 2014, Hayworth made the decision to give their website a facelift. We worked together to find a website development company and ended up choosing Primal Tribe out of Edmonton, Alberta. I worked closely with Primal Tribe to develop the look and functionality of the new site. My goal with the website was to provide adequate information for all of Hayworth's unique departments. Primal Tribe helped to develop the template page designs and it was my responsibility to populate the site with content.

Due to the large amount of content and pages that had to be added, the project took 3 months to complete but the final result were fantastic. Customer feedback on the site was great, the employees started using it as a reference for information, and the phone was ringing with leads from the website.

Social Media Management

Hayworth Equipment Sales started to use social media in 2013, first starting with Facebook, and eventually moving to channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. After a few years of seeing little success with these channels, we revamped Hayworth's social media strategy at the beginning of 2017, turning our focus to the dynamic offering Facebook provides for businesses. I installed Facebook's Pixel and started to run a general page like campaign, targeting traffic that had been to our website as well as a similar audience to our existing Facebook community. Two months into the campaign and Hayworth began seeing an increase in page likes of 300%, their post engagement went up, and they began receiving quality traffic from Facebook to their website.