For the past 10 years, I have been providing ongoing creative and marketing services to busy professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to thrive online.

Think of me as a virtual team member providing graphic design, website design, and digital marketing services, helping you to tackle your growing to-do list. Together, we will work on defining your goals and identifying clear action steps that will contribute to achieving those goals . Using my knowledge and expertise, I will then get to work, bringing your ideas to life.  

So what can I help you with? Here is a list of my areas of expertise:

  • Digital marketing strategy creation

  • Website management: planning, designing, setup, plugin installation, updates, traffic monitoring and reporting, on-site SEO, HTML, and CSS work

  • Visual design: graphics, blog images, website banners, flyers, brochures, business cards, campaign artwork

  • Paid advertising: advert campaign setup and management on Google Ads and Facebook ad platforms

  • Search engine optimization

How does it work?

Our first priority will be identifying the areas that you need help with and work together to develop a monthly budget that makes sense for your business. My services are typically offered at an hourly rate but I can also provide project based packages, as well as retainer packages. It all depends on your needs (which we will figure out during our first consultation call).