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I help small businesses and busy entrepreneurs create an online presence that looks great and drives results.


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Website Design

Feeling overwhelmed about designing a new website? With 10 years of website, visual design, and marketing experience, I understand how overwhelming getting online can be, but I also know how important it is and the impact it can have for a small business. Learn more below about how I can help.

graphic design

My design style favours minimalism over complexity. I focus on typography and colour, combining them together to invoke a desired feeling. I believe that great imagery combined with a thoughtfully designed layout can create powerful results.  To learn more about my graphic design services, click below.

Digital Marketing

From developing an initial digital marketing strategy to implementation and management, I love helping small businesses connect with their audience online. I provide a variety of marketing services that can be tailored to suit your unique needs. Click below to learn more.



Hi, I’m Kait

I am passionate about helping small businesses and creative entrepreneurs create their unique space in the digital landscape.

I have been doing graphic design, website design, and digital marketing related work since 2010, working as part of an in-house marketing team and then as a freelancer. During this time I’ve developed a keen eye for design and a strong understanding of how to create user friendly-websites.

My goal is to work closely with you to create a visual and digital presence you can be proud of, while educating and empowering you to take control of your branding and website once the project is complete. I’m a firm believe that while delegating and contracting out services can be beneficial, you should always have an understanding of how main components of your business function, including your website.


Recent Projects

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The Brand Shop

Carefully crafted brand identity packages already made and waiting to be customized with your business name and colour palette. These collections are ideal if you are looking for affordable visual branding and are wanting to get started immediately.