Free Printable Wall Art & Social Image


I had a realization last week that I've been preaching to my clients about the importance of creating free valuable content for their audience but I have not been consistently doing this myself. And one of the many things I have learned about myself over the last few years, is that I hate feeling like a hypocrite (for example, I gave up eating meat because I felt that until I could kill the animal itself, I shouldn't be eating it!). 

And so to soothe my conscious, I have decided to release a free weekly digital item for you to download and use however you like. I'm not entirely sure what this is going to look like yet but it will most likely involve a few of the things I love designing the most - digital prints, planners, calendars, and social media images. 

I wanted to start this habit off by sharing a quote that has been my mantra over the last couple of weeks. With everything that is going on in our crazy world right now, I'm finding it easy to get caught up in the negativity and fear that a lot of people are feeling right now. The best thing I've found to counteract a negative mindset, is to print off a nice reminder and read it often. It not only serves as a tool of inspiration, but a reminder that while I may not be able to control my surroundings, I can choose the way I react to situations.

I can choose love. I can choose to be grateful.

If you feel like you need a positive reminder right now as well, click below to download a free copy of this quote: 


You will find 3 files: printable wall art files in two sizes and an image to use on your social media channels. Print this image and hang it in a place you frequent often or post it to Instagram and let others know you are choosing love.

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