Free Calligraphy-Inspired Fonts


It’s hard not to notice that there is a calligraphy frenzy going on right now. From wedding invitations and inspirational quotes to posters and logos, calligraphy designs are showing up in many places. And it’s easy to why – calligraphy is a beautiful type of design. When done correctly, the whimsical form of the letters allows the readers eye to flow effortlessly across words and sentences.

If you are obsessed with the look and beauty of calligraphy but are like me and don’t have the time to learn how to do it with pen and paper, there are several free calligraphy-inspired fonts available. These fonts allow you to effortlessly create the look of calligraphy inspired letters to create invitations, logos, posters, quotes, and more.


If you like the above images I created using these free calligraphy fonts, click here to download hi-res copies that you can use as you like.

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